IBM Design + Austin Spark League High School Create-a-thon successfully funds a summer camp scholarship

When Austin Spark League collaborated with IBM Design to run a weekend-long high school create-a-thon -- a design-thinking workshop -- one of the main goals was to use the proceeds from the event to provide a scholarship for a student to attend this summer’s Austin Spark League entrepreneurship summer camp.

Thanks to the incredible support of the community at IBM Design, as well as the enthusiastic participation of 36 high school students from all over the Austin area, the Create-a-thon had successfully raised the funds needed.

We’re pleased to announce that the scholarship will go to Shruthi Balasubramanian. Shruthi is a 10th grader at Vandegrift High School who participated in the Create-a-thon to further explore her curiosities about computer science, a subject she had reluctantly taken but one that had surprised her in the end. When she had received unexpected praise from her teacher for creating a unique solution to a problem that the class tackled, her interest was piqued.

Shruthi says: “My artistic brain usually finds little interest in math or technology based classes. But I was not expecting how similar computer science is to art.”

An artist above all else, Shruthi hopes the Austin Spark League camp, which begins on July 18 and goes for three weeks, will open her eyes to intersecting paths to see where technology could take the artistic part of her. “I'm really excited to incorporate my strong fervor for art into computer science, explore design and animation, and learn about the career paths I can take in them.”

Congratulations, Shruthi! We look forward to helping you find your Spark.

Design and Technology Workshop for High School Students May 25th

For all 13-18 year olds:

Got a great idea you want to bring to life?

Don’t know what path to take after high school?

Just love the thrill of creating things with cool tech?

Whatever your reason, come join us for an inspiring and informative evening. We’ll workshop your idea using the the basics of design thinking - a core competency for any career in the technology industry.

We’ll also chat about the "The State of Austin Tech Jobs", a talk by Nick Hahn - the Co-Founder of Austin Spark League.

And if you want to take it to the next level, learn more about our startup-style summer program.