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The applications are coming in, and we are getting a bit excited. Okay, a lot excited, but first, since you've been with us from the beginning, we'd like to share some good news with you: we want to help you save some money, or make some, depending on what you choose.

To save money, register by May 15, and you'll receive a $200 discount off registration fees.

To make money, simply refer us to your friends and family. Ask them to mention your name when they apply, and we'll happily send you a check for $100 per person registered. Yup, it's that easy.

We may be growing, but we're still a small business, which means we're glad for any help we can get to get us off the ground. Please tell your friends about us, connect us to the people you think will benefit from our program and we promise to love you long time, and if a registration happens, that sweet $100 referral fee.