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Austin Spark League is seeking technical instructors and TAs to help facilitate programming instruction at our summer program for high school students, which runs from July 18 - August 5.


We offer a startup-style summer program which teaches high schools students the skills required to take a product idea to market through a mix of technology, design, and entrepreneurship education. Throughout the program students learn how to collaborate effectively in a team, develop product ideas, conduct user research, build a working technology product, and then market their product. All work is project based and built around small, functional teams, with assistance from mentors (both peers and adults) who provide both support and insight to the students. Students also receive exclusive talks from a wide range of local entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, and industry leaders. For more information about our program please visit


We are looking for assistant instructors with a solid understanding of computer science and programming concepts, who can assist students who are both new to and have some experience with programming. To that end you should be either a computer science undergrad or grad student, be involved in a program that relies on programming, or have previous programming experience. We prefer experience with C-based languages but other experience may be applicable as well.

You should also be comfortable jumping in and helping other instructors as well as students solve a wide range of technical challenges, and be willing to adjust your tasks as well as help to adjust the curriculum based on the needs of the class.

Bonus points for:

  • Github projects (esp. if others have forked your code!)
  • Mobile / wearable development
  • Published apps
  • Contributing to the community


Austin Spark League is a unique and inspiring technology education program unlike any other in Austin. We are also a startup and so we move fast and adapt constantly. It is our team that makes our program truly great.

In this role you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a diverse and talented team of educators, mentors, and students. You'll learn about product design, marketing, and entrepreneurship, and get a chance to experience the amazing things that our students are capable of. You’ll also meet with entrepreneurs and industry professionals, and join an incredible community of collaborators.



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